As I have a slightly naturally predisposed chaotic nature and a
in all aspects turbulent time, has not helped to alleviate the chaos,
was the idea of

- Phuture Core Foundation -

mainly something like the urgently needed emergency brake,
in order not to sink completely into a flood of tens of small, project-based websites and email addresses,
preventive measurenot to be whipped into premature senility by irretrievably lost passwords.
In the end, it all belongs together, because everything where you dipped your hands in, indeed has preciselythis fact together.
Thus, the Foundation is in the first instancea summary of all my projects
and in addition
also the visual and musical work of my beloved second half of soul, muse and touchstone

  - Frau Sturm -

and the things we create together.
And without her, this website would visually move more in a maybe just acceptable range of the bearable.
Currently the Phuture Core Foundation
includes the following projects: 

RAUM 107   :GRAUSTUFE:   D A H I N T E R  

and experiments in the video/movie area from


Similarly, a comprehensive collection of links should incur here,
in which the Foundation shamelessly advertises all
what we considered as beautiful, interesting, worth seeing, worth hearing or/and worth experiencing.
The Foundation is for sure open for all those,
which feel connected through what we bring to the outside.
Thanks to everybody who spends some of the lifetime on our expressed ideas,
sounds and visuals here on this website!
As the saying, aptly and without frills goes in the eponymous "Inferno Bros." anthem…

"We´re Slaves To The Rave"

Thats it!
Cheerio, Daniel Sturm